Type of Metal

We collect ferrous, non-ferrous metals including other types of machineries over 100+ ton

Ferrous Metal

  • Type of Carbon Steel

    Grade 1: More than or equal to 6mm in thickness

    Grade 2: Less than or equal to 3mm in thickness

    Grade 3: Fragmented light steel

    HMS Steel

    PNS Steel

  • Type of Stainless Steel

    → SS304

    → SS316

    → And all other stainless steel grades


  • Types of Nickel Alloys

    → Aircraft Spare Parts

    → Marine Spare Parts

  • Titanium

  • Aluminium

  • Copper


  • Examples

    → Valves

    → Electric Motors

    → Welding Machines

    → Generator Sets

    → Transformers

    and many more...

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