Services Provided

Learn about our capabilities from past projects and the services we offer

Key Project Details

Heat Exchangers

50 to 120tons+

Fully mutilated within a month

Arranged by Leong Guan

Services Provided

Customized to your needs:
We can cut based on your mutilation standards (e.g. airplane parts)

Long-term contracts:
Able to place skid bins at your site for long term metal disposal

Hassle-free process:
Pickup of scrap metal can be arranged by us

Lorry crane:
Able to deploy our lorry crane with 6 ton capacity

Best price guaranteed

Our Capabilities (20ft Bin Lorry)

Our 20ft Bin Lorry allows us to come to your site for scrap metal collection.

Fitted with a lorry crane that has a lifting capacity of 8tons.

Our Newest Capabilities (Weigh Bridge)

At Leong Guan, we are always looking for new ways to better service our customer's needs.

Recently added, the weigh bridge has a weighing capability of up to class 5 size lorries.

Our Newest Capabilities (Shear Excavator)

Our newest addition, the shear excavator has the ability to cut up to 15mm thickness.

This has greatly increased our efficiency and expanded our capabilities.

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